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bookbinding board / grey board
Varianten: 1 mm
Römerturm bookbinding cardboard / greyboard Size: 75cm x 105cm The smooth, grey-beige colored bookbinding cardboard is made from 100% recycled paper. It is certified with the Blue Angel and the FSC® eco-label (FSC® Recycled Credit). The cardboard is acid-free, has a pH value of approx. 8.3 and is therefore manufactured in accordance with DIN ISO 9706 for maximum aging resistance. It also corresponds to DIN ISO 16245:2012 Type B. The cardboard is food-safe and can therefore be used for food packaging. (It may be in direct contact with dry, non-fatty foods and foods that are peeled or washed before consumption and used as secondary packaging, excerpt from the declaration of no objection.)Due to its weight/volume, this item must be shipped using a dedicated courier service.

Römerturm Bristolkarton hellweiß glatt
Our bright white Bristol board is acid free and has a smooth finish. He is glued neutral; worked through and glued once or several times depending on the thickness. In addition to good printability, Bristol board has high breaking strength and flexural strength. In addition, the cardboard stands for good grooving and creasability. Grammage: 246g/m², 308g/m², 369g/m², 431g/m², 492g/m², 615g/m², 738g/m², 924g/m²,Colours: bright whiteFormats: 500x700mm, 1000x700mm

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Römerturm Finnboard natural matt
Römerturm Bogen Grammatur: 1 mm (480g/m²) | Size: 50cm x 70cm
Roman tower Finnboard natural matt The Finnish machine wood cardboard is natural colored and acid-free. As pure wood pulp cardboard, Finnboard combines the advantages of a high material volume with a low specific weight and has excellent processing properties. Thanks to its smooth surfaces, it is particularly suitable as a laminating base for printed sheets and papers and as a backing board. The Finnboard is available in thicknesses from 1.0 mm to 4.0 mm

Arches Velin Text Wove Druckpapier 119g 64,8 x 101,6 cm
Arches Vellum Text WoveIt is produced on a cylinder mould machine (traditional process) : giving it a quality similar to that of handmade paper. The slow rotation of the cylinder causes the fibres to settle evenly and spread out in all directions on the fabric. The paper is therefore homogeneous and has a high dimensional stability. Only production with the cylinder mould makes it possible to obtain papers with a fibrous deckle edge. UseCalligraphy, pen, ink, pastel, charcoal, binding, typography, screen printing FormatSheet 100% cottonVery resistant paper. The pleasure of using a soft, supple and noble material (incredible feel). TextureLight fine grain: Gentle, perfectly balanced grain and smooth surface. 119 g/m²Light and supple. The paper is grippy, i.e. relatively thick with a grammage of 119 g/m². Special formulationSurface-glued: Limits the absorbency of the paper (the ink does not bleed or penetrate the paper) and guarantees a good hold of the fibres. The nib glides easily and smoothly over the paper. Excellent for calligraphy and ink. Ideal for typography and bindings. ColourNatural white. Very popular shade with calligraphers and art publishers. Sheet: Authenticity and prestigedeckle edges StorageWith alkaline reserve, without acid or optical brighteners (ageing resistant according to ISO 9706)

AMI Stonepaper - Block 192g
Pads Size: 30 x 30 cm
AMI Stonepaper - Block "Paperless" paper made from 80% stone flour and 20% additives with a smooth, velvety white surface. Water and tear resistant and flame retardant. Block contains 40 sheets, glued at the top. Very suitable for markers, fineliners, inks and acrylic paints. An environmentally friendly and sustainable product, as no cellulose, water or bleaching agents are used in its manufacture.

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AMI Transparentpapierblock 80g
Size: DIN A4
Transparentpapierblock von AMI Hochwertiges Transparentpapier 80g/m2 mit je einer glatten und matten Oberfläche. 50 Blätter. Kopfgeleimt. Erhältlich in A4, A3 und A2

Romerturm TRANSPARENT Block 80g weiß matt
Pads Size: DIN A4
For a clear view - With pencil or fineliner you can ideally copy templates and create the basics for your own masterpieces on this paper.Characteristics: Grammage: 80g / m², finishes: matt

Romerturm Bilderrückwandpappe, weißgedeckt, 1,5 mm, 1000x1500mm
Museum cardboardSurface: smoothColour: old whiteThickness mm: 1,5Acid-free: yesSizing: neutral glueAlkaline buffering: yesResistance to ageing: ANSI Z39.48-1992, DIN ISO 9706, DIN 6738Low optical brightener

Strathmore 200 Student Tracing Pad 41g 22.9 x 30.5cm
This smooth white parchment-type paper is highly transparent and accepts pencil, marker and ink. It is ideal for sketches, preliminary drawings and overlays. 25 lb. (24" x 36" x 40 sheets) 41 g/m2

AMI Graphit-/Transfer Papier
Blöcke Farben: Red | Pads Size: 0.4 x 4 m
To transfer drawings, sketches and other templates. Easy handling and powerful, erasable punch. Reusable. The different colors are suitable for different surfaces.

Jack Richeson Transfer Papier Rolle 60.96cm x 7.3m
No waste, no bleed Clean, clear tracings Great for multiple uses Smudge proof Erasable

Arches Velin dArches Rolle 300g/m 106.7 x 914cm weiß fein
Product information "Arches Velin dArches roll 300g/m 106.7 x 914cm white fine" Arches Velin d'Arches roll Velin is suitable for pencil, pastel, charcoal, sanguine, felt-tip pen, lithography, intaglio printing, relief printing, linocut, typography, screen printing, embossing, hot foil stamping, binding and collotype printing. Grammage: 300g/m² Surface: Fine Color white Edge: 2 deckle edges Format: 106.7 x 914 cm Item number: A1710318

AMI Transparentpapierblock 100g
Size: DIN A4
Product information "AMI tracing paper pad 100g" Tracing paper pad from AMI High-quality tracing paper 100g/m2 with a smooth and matt surface. 50 sheets. Head glued.Available in A4, A3

Römerturm Finnboard natural matt
Römerturm Finnpappe natur matt Die finnische Maschinenholzpappe ist naturfarben und säurefrei. Als reiner Holzschliffkarton vereint die Finnpappe die Vorteile eines hohen Materialvolumens mit einem geringen spezifischen Gewicht und weist hervorragende Verarbeitungseigenschaften auf. Sie eignet sich durch die glatten Oberflächen u.a. besonders gut als Kaschierträger für Druckbogen und Papiere und als Rückwandkarton. Auf Grund des Gewichts bzw. des Volumens muss dieser Artikel mit einem speziellen Kurierdienst versand werden.

Strathmore 400 Printmaking paper Block 280g
Pads Size: 20,3 x 25,4 cm
Print / Grafikpapier Dieses naturweiße Grafikpapier ist ideal für Druckverfahren, die schweres Papier erfordern: für Lithographie, Tief- und Siebdruck. Auch für Hochdruckverfahren geeignet. Die mittelfeine Oberfläche ist weich, haltbar und kann eine große Tintenmenge aufnehmen. Das Papier hat einen hohen Anteil an Alpha-Zellulose-Holzfasern. erhältlich in verschiedenen Formaten Leimbindung Hochformat 280 g/m² 15 bzw. 20 Blatt

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Jack Richeson Butcher Paper Rolls 76.2 cm x 15.24m
Varianten: Weiß
Excellent for use with markers, acrylics, gouache, finger paint Use as a paper palette Will not bleed through Food safe

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Hahnemuhle Millimeterblock
Pads Size: DIN A3
Millimeterpapiere Die Hahnemühle Millimeterpapiere in der Grammatur von 80/85 g/m², mit 1-mm-Teilung. 50 Batt

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Schoellershammer Glama Basic Transparentpapier Rollen
Pads Size: 0.66 x 20 m
The tranparent paper is suitable for classic printing processes (letterpress, planographic printing, screen printing, etc.), laser and inkjet printing as well as for further processing (painting, laminating, stamping, embossing, folding, creasing ...) and also for drawing with ink. Ink, graphite and pens suitable.Grammage: 92 g / m2

Strathmore LAYOUT BOND PAPER 60g 0.91 x 9.14m-Rolle
Strathmore LAYOUT BOND PAPER Rolle Layoutpapier Maße: 91,4 x 914,4 cm Grammatur: 60 g/m²

Romerturm Museumskarton glatt altweiß 1.5 mm 1200x1600mm
Museum cardboardSurface: smoothColour: old whiteThickness mm: 1,5Acid-free: yesSizing: neutral glueAlkaline buffering: yesResistance to ageing: ANSI Z39.48-1992, DIN ISO 9706, DIN 6738Low optical brightener

Canson satin tracing paper 90g, 50x65cm, 10 pcs
Canson® Tracing paper features a satin surface and a high transparency. It allows for perfect definition and contrast of lines drawn with a tubular tip ink drawing pen, pencil or pen. - Satin finish - Weight: 90 gsm

AMI Japan paper, 0,9m x 10m, roll
AMI Japan paper    0,9m x 10m, roll    Silk cocoon 40 g/m², 26402    Fleece, unsized for folding and coloring

Clairefontaine weißes Löschpapier 50x65cm 200g
Weißes Löschblatt 50x65cm 200g. Dieses Löschblatt verfügt über eine sehr hohe Absorbtionskapazität. Es ist ideal zum Trocknen und Schützen von Dokumenten. Das Papier ist säurefrei und ph-neutral.